Thursday, September 13, 2012

Old Navy & Crowdtap Cardi Party

As a Crowdtap member I sometimes get amazing perks like free Old Navy products! What is Crowdtap? They are basically a market research website where "Consumers and Brands Collaborate". You earn points by answering questions and completing actions. You can then use those points to donate to charity or cash out for gift cards. You also sometimes receive challenges and parties from brands that you can apply for.

I was lucky enough to qualify for the Old Navy Cardi party! This was my second Old Navy party that I hosted and the third one that I have participated in. For this party Myself and three friends received coupons for a FREE skirt, FREE Cardigan and FREE scarf. Yes, a whole winter outfit for free! I was very surprised and happy when I got the coupons because I thought it was just for a free Cardigan. Our party ended up having a last second cancellation because one of my friends had a baby! However, I went with my friend Erica and my Best Friend; My Mom (she asked not to be pictured on the blog). The second we walked into our Old Navy there was a display of models rocking some of their skirts:

We proceeded to browse around and literally overflowed the Old Navy shopping bags we had! We tried on a little bit of everything and made an afternoon out of it. The selection of skirts was unfortunately very slim. We only had two choices: the jersey pencil skirt pictured above or a longer jean skirt. In my opinion the best skirts were on clearance. The coupons unfortunately excluded clearance, so I couldn't get my favorite skirt with the coupon:

I am planning on going back this week to nab that skirt and a pair of shorts. We all decided to go with the pencil skirt in different designs. I grabbed a dark grey one that looks super "professional" for job interviews, but is super comfortable. 

There were several different cardigans to choose from (including some that we weren't sure whether or not they were cardigans). We had fun trying on the bold prints like the polka dots and leopard print. Ultimately, I picked a solid black cardigan so that I can wear it with everything. My friend Erica looked adorable in all of the print and bright cardi's:

We actually had a HUGE selection of scarfs spread throughout the store:

There were about 6 more displays like this! I ended up going with an infinity scarf (the black and grey one I have on with the red skirt) because I can not tie scarfs. I love that it is light and stylish. It is a scarf that I could actually wear in Florida! At the end of the day, we all had a nice new winter outfit.

Thanks Old Navy and Crowdtap!


Disclaimer: I received the free coupons mentioned above from Old Navy as a Crowdtap member. I was not compensated in any other way and I was not required to post about it. All opinions are my own.

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