Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Soft Scrub Total Review & Giveaway

I am not a fan of cleaning. My Mother is a little OCD when it comes to cleaning the house and I think she made me do it so much in my first 18 years of my life that I never want to do it again. Guess what? Cleaning doesn't always have to be a chore. Soft Scrub household cleaners are designed to make cleaning much easier and maybe even a little fun. Yes, fun. I received Soft Scrub Total with Bleach and Soft Scrub Total Bath and Bowl to try out.

First of all, I want to say that these bottles are amazing. They are designed so that you have a foaming and spray product in the same container! I love this. I prefer foaming cleaning products since they normally wipe up easier and last longer. However, sometimes you just need a spray. One bottle of Soft Scrub covers it all. The bottles are also designed so that you can spray them upside down or sideways. Thank goodness...finally someone invented a practical cleaning bottle. I have pets and sometimes need to clean "oppsie" spots on the floors. Regular bottles do not cut it, but these Soft Scrub Total bottles definitely do.

The Soft Scrub with Bleach was actually snatched out of the box by my Husband the moment it arrived. We have a deal in our household where I cook and he does the dishes. Well, he is always cleaning the counters when he is in there. Our kitchen counters in our apartment are old and never seem to be clean. I have seen (and smelled) him pouring bleach straight on the counter before. He is normally a stickler for another different household cleaner, but never seems to be satisfied with it's performance in the kitchen. This product actually changed his mind! He is now a huge Soft Scrub fan. Since it contains bleach, the product does smell a little strong. Sometimes you just need to use bleach to get the job done. It does a great job of cleaning the kitchen counter and any other white surface you might use it on.

I was excited to receive the Soft Scrub Total Bath and Bowl for the bathroom. As I mentioned earlier, my dog and two cats can be messy at times. The Bath and Bowl allows me to keep not only my sink, toilet and bathtub spotless, but it works great on cleaning tile messes too. The foam penetrates the dirt (or dirty dog tracks) and makes the mess come right up onto the paper towel without leaving behind a slick floor. This product has cut my cleaning time down quite a bit.

We have officially converted to Soft Scrub in our home. If you have not tried the new Soft Scrub Total products, make sure you do. You will not regret it.

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*Disclaimer: Soft Scrub provided free samples of their products so I could review them. I was not compensated in any other way. All opinions expressed here are my own.


HarleyC said...

Looks like a pretty good product! I'm going to look in the store for it.

krystel warden said...

ive always loved this product