Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I am Seriously Odd.

I am borrowing this idea from my buddy Tara who did a similar post (for reals.). Enjoy.


-I have never watched Jersey Shore, Real Housewives of...(insert anything here), American Idol or The Voice
-I don't like chocolate cake or chocolate ice cream (I do like chocolate though)
-The smell/taste of popcorn makes me nauseous
-I don't eat steak or any meat on the bone 
-I have two half brothers and a half sister that I have never met
-I work nights and keep my night schedule on my day off (I wake up around 7-10pm-ish)

-I find horror movies boring and lame

-I prefer tea over coffee

-I read A LOT and always have my Kindle with me

-Even though I am Thrifty and Frugal on most things, I have found a love for high-end products this year (mostly Urban Decay and Coach).

-On a typical day I wash my hair, brush it and go (no styling or products!)

-I have never had a pedicure or waxing of any sort

-I have not been to the beach in years even though I live 5 minutes from it


tara said...

i'm with you on urban decay. i want to buy every product they make!

HarleyC said...

I'm with you on the tea thing. I love the herbal teas!