Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Pouchee Review and Giveaway

When I was looking for a new purse a few months ago I was getting frustrated because a lot of purses do not come with inside pockets or compartments anymore. I am one of those people that likes to carry around everything just in case I need it; but I like to stay organized. When I saw an advertisement for Pouchee I knew that my problem was solved. Pouchee makes purse organizers that not only hold most of your stuff, but also make it easier to switch from purse to purse. I am definitely guilty of letting a new purse sit for a few days because I dreaded going through my old purse and transferring everything over. The Pouchee Plus even comes with a strap and can be used as a purse on it's own.

The Pouchee purse organizer that I received is the Pewter Pouchee Plus. I picked this color since it is nicer looking than black, but it will still go with pretty much any purse. It also matches my current purse perfectly. It is gorgeous.

You can see how the size is compared to my purse. The Pouchee Plus is 9" wide, 6" high and 3.5 inches deep. If this is too big for your purse; there are smaller sizes. There are also a wide range of colors and patterns.

When the Pouchee is empty it is hard to truly appreciate how many pockets and compartments it has. I will show you some pictures of it full of my stuff in a moment. First I must show you my shameful before and after purse content photos.

My purse contents before Pouchee:

That makeup bag is completely full!

The contents of my purse after Pouchee:

Everything fit into the Pouchee and there is definitely room for more. The Pouchee has a magnetic snap closure at the top and two large circular metal handles. The handles make it easy to grab the Pouchee from inside the purse. They also give you a place to attach your keys if you want (like I did in the above picture).

Another cool thing about this organizer is that it has several different pocket type and sizes. There are even dividers across the bottom inside and even a zippered pocket and some card slots along the sides in the Pouchee Plus. I was worried that my Samsung Galaxy S3 would not fit because it is a large cell phone, however it easily fits in the outside pockets. You could also use the Pouchee Plus to replace your wallet. I decided to keep my wallet separate just because I have so much stuff in it already. However, If you only have a few cards in your wallet you could easily put all of your belongings in the Pouchee Plus.

I am loving my Pouchee Plus! My purse has been so much cleaner and more organized. Everything is really easy to get to and I don't have to search for anything. It does make my purse a tiny bit heavier, but not much. It is definitely worth it. A Pouchee purse organizer would make a great gift for any female in your life. Visit their website to order one or you could try to win one now.


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Disclaimer: I received the mentioned product for free in exchange for this review. I was not compensated in any other way and all opinions are 100% my own. 


HarleyC said...

What a cool purse organizer! I love it!

tstasko said...

I never heard of this. I've seen something on an infomercial similar but this seems great! It would make many of my purses functional.

Jessica Houston said...

I need one of these!

Karen Chayne Sanchez said...

WOW! this Pouchee looks so awesome! This is perfect for my make up stuffs :)

adjn1104 said...

This looks perfect for an organization freak like myself!!

krystel warden said...

that bag looks so pretty and thats really awsome you can put so much stuff in that