Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Goodies Company Box {November}

If my Goodies post last month didn't make you jealous; this month might. Shipping was also much earlier this month. My box arrived on the 14th or 15th and even beat out my Ipsy (formerly MyGlam) bag. Here's the deal:

-$7 Month IF you join during beta testing (your price gets locked in!)
-You have to go to the Goodies website and request an invite. Then, you have to click on your invite code within 5 days to join (watch your spam folder)
-creation of Walmart 
-review the products you receive for points (not sure what the points are for yet)

Here is what was in my November box:

-Organic Cotton Farmer's Market Bag with Goodies logo
-Oogie's White Cheddar Popcorn ($5.98/ pack of 2)
-1 pack Bigelow Pumpkin Spice Tea ($3.49/box)
-Flourless Bliss- Chocolate Souffle Mix ($5.99/each)
-Biscoff Smooth Spread ($6.99/each..we received 1 x sample)
-small package bobbysue's nuts ($13.96/larger packs of 4)
-American Wine Biscuits - White Wine, Shallot and Cayenne ($5.49/each)
-Alter Eco - Dark Quinoa Chocolate($7.98/pack of 2)

That is a lot of stuff for $7!! The Farmer's Market bag was a surprise "Thank You" gift and it is nice. It's worth the $7 alone. The $4 Dark Quinoa Chocolate bar was amazing too. I was surprised that we both loved such a healthy chocolate bar. I also adored the Pumpkin Spice Tea bag. I have already made plans to buy more. We haven't tried the Oogie's, biscoff or souffle yet. The bobbysue's nuts and American wine biscuits were not well liked. The wine biscuits were sort of good, but really weird. They looked like shortbread cookies and tasted liked savory crackers with shallots. Odd. Overall, definitely worth it.

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Marissa Poon said...

That seems very cheap! I would like to have one :}