Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Holiday Swap Reveal

My buddy Lin hosted another awesome blogger swap with Em and Amber: A Holiday Swap. Lin is wonderful and hilarious. You should follow her. Now. Plus, she is bound to have a lot more blogger swaps in the future if you would like to participate.

The rules were:

**Confession: I broke a rule! Luckily, I found out that I wasn't the only one. Life Happens. The Flu had me down and I mailed out my package late. Luckily, everyone understood and I paid for fast shipping to help make up for it.**

I was partnered with Lauren who is actually from my home state of Kentucky. Lauren and myself have a ton in common including our love of reading, Batman and scrapbooking. Here are the goodies she sent me:

Bath and Body Works Blackberry Woods Lotion
Bath and Body Works Candle
Bath and Body Works Fresh Lavender Hand Sanitizer 
Penguin with berry bath gel inside
elf lip gloss
2 Peanut Butter Snickers Santas 
Pawprint Dog Ornament
Christmas Note Pad

I love everything! You can never go wrong with Bath and Body Works and elf! My favorite was definitely the Pawprint Dog Ornament though. It is so unique and it was easy to do. You basically kneed the premixed dough, stamp your dog's paw print and let it dry. As you can see, I also wrote his name into the ornament. I am thinking about painting the letters when it's fully dry to make them pop. So cool.

Thanks Lauren! You rock. Visit Lauren to see what I got her. You can also visit Lin to see what everyone received. Merry Christmas!!


Lin said...

Oh my gosh, that ornament is the cutest thing ever. I honestly had no idea they even made stuff like that.

Now, I want a dog so I can make a kick ass ornament like that too haha. Glad you enjoyed the swap. Thanks for participating, friend :)

Cassandra! :D said...

Wow, that penguin is so cute! :)

Yesi said...

Such awesome gifts! The penguin is just the cutest. & Your right... Who doesn't love bath and body works!

c5dcc said...

cute little box of goodies

Christy said...

I love the ornament. I've got to get 2 of those for my friend's dogs.


Marissa Poon said...

Cute stuff! Gift exchanges are always really fun! :]

Stephanie Larison said...

Looks like you got some cute things!

HarleyC said...

Looks like everyone got some cool things!

newmoon330 said...
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keisarogers said...


jenzen69 said...

What a fun way to strengthen the ties within the blogging community

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Sorry for the delay, but I finally posted my swap goodies! LOL I'm so glad you liked everything, though, especially the ornament. I thought it would be cute and something a bit different.


autumn grace said...

SEEMS LIKE A NEAT IDEAL ,NICE SWAPPING ............berrycherry63@hotmail.com...martha

Karen Chayne Sanchez said...

Wow! Holiday swapping sounds like a good idea and I find it fun to do with. Now I have an idea what we should next holiday together with my fellow blogger friends as well. :)

Christina Strapp said...

This is a great ideal. I love the ornament.