Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Goodies Company Box {January}

-$7 Month IF you join during beta testing (your price gets locked in!)
-You have to go to the Goodies website and request an invite. Then, you have to click on your invite code within 5 days to join (watch your spam folder)
-creation of Walmart 
-review the products you receive for points to get free future boxes

Here is what was in my January box:

*Nature's Bakery Whole Wheat Fig Bar- Blueberry: 100% natural ingredients baked into a delicious, sweet and chewy fig fruit bar makes a great on-the-go snack for healthy and active lifestyles. ($3.49/box of 6)

*Stretch Island Fruit Chews - Very Cherry: Berries sure are healthy and now they're easily portable. Made with fruit only, no sugar added, these chewy snacks taste just as they should - like real berries! ($3.49/ box of 5)

*Go Nola - Maple Pecan Madness: Whether you're out for a hike, racing around town or packing lunch, Go Nola is a deliciously convenient, perfectly portioned, crunchy sweet treat to grab and go. (#5.94/ 6 pack)

*Wild Garden Traditional Hummus and Pita Chips- Healthy snacking on-the-go just got tastier with this handy combo of hearty multigrain pita chips and an on-the-go pack of delightfully seasoned hummus. ($5.97/ 3 pack)

*Skeeter Snacks Cookie - SkeeterDoodle: Let's be honest: we can't be good all the time. When you do treat yourself, make it count with a cookie that achieves the ideal crisp-yet-chewy balance. ($3.49/box of 12)

*Flamous Falafel Chips - Original: These chips fuel your fun as you're on the run! Made with corn, beans, veggies and spices, they're immensely flavorful, high in protein, fiber and antioxidants. ($4.99/8oz)

Sorry for the stock photo, I forgot to take a picture of this one

*Cascal Fermented Soda in Bright Citrus: Sip this natural soda chilled and enjoy crisp effervescence and sophisticated flavor. The health benefits of a fermented drink have been known to include detoxification and boosting energy levels. ($7.98/ 6 pack)

Another great box that is well over the price of $7! I haven't tried everything yet, but the Blueberry Fig Bars were amazing. I love Fig Newtons and these are 100 times better! The Fruit Chews were also delicious and tasted like real fruit. The only thing I have hated disliked so far was the Falafel Chips..not my thing. They were way too salty and had a weird (and super strong) flavor. The Go Nola is going to go on a salad and the Hummus and Pita Chips are going to work this week.

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Disclaimer: I pay for this monthly service. I received nothing in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.

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