Thursday, January 31, 2013

Vote for the New Monopoly Token + Monopoly Giveaway

Do you have a favorite Monopoly token? I always wanted to use the racecar, but my Dad always beat me to it. My second choice (and the one I normally used) was the top hat. Honestly, I can't say why. I just liked the shape of the token and that it stood out on the board. I think I preferred the racecar because I was so excited to get to the age where I could learn to drive and gain some more freedom from my strict parents. :) 

Ask just about anyone and you’ll find most people have a strong opinion when it comes to their token preference. Now the fate of these iconic eight tokens rests in the hands of fans around the world. One token will be retired for good, and a new one will take its place and find MONOPOLY token fame based on a vote at
Will the shoe get the boot? Will the wheelbarrow be dumped? Will the top hat be hung up for good? One thing is certain – one of the classic eight tokens is headed to jail. Who will stay and who will go? It’s up to you!
Up for retirement are: the battleship, iron, racecar, Scottie dog, shoe, thimble, top hat, or wheelbarrow.
The five new tokens up for consideration are: the diamond ring, guitar, toy robot, cat, and helicopter.

Which token would you like to save from retirement and what would you like to be the new token? I kind of like all of the new tokens and I am unsure of which one I am going to vote for. It will probably be the robot or the guitar. Make up your mind and make your voice heard by voting daily. Monopoly will never be the same. If you are nostalgic; make sure you own the classic Monopoly before it disappears...or you could win it here!


One lucky reader will win a classic Monopoly board game!

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Disclaimer: I received a classic Monopoly game in exchange for this post. I was not compensated in any other way. All opinions are 100% my own. 


CarolineCalcote said...

I would retire the iron (does anybody ever iron anymore?) and pick the robot :)

Run DMT said...

The iron needs to go. 1)Because no one uses irons like that. 2) Does anyone still iron? I'm a wash and wear kind of gal.

I love the diamond ring! That bling would be a great addition to an old classic. Diamonds rings are timeless. Plus, when you're collecting rent on Boardwalk property, you should look like a million bucks. ;-)

Chrissy said...

The iron is my favorite! I was always the iron. I like the new robot!

erin said...

I voted to save the scottie and add the robot

Jina said...

I voted to get rid of the iron (yuck) and add the robot. It's cute!

abfantom said...

My favorite Monopoly token is the racecar. I would like to see them add the diamond ring token.

abfantom at yahoo dot com

Jacquelyn Cannon said...

My favorite is the diamond ring!

Kimberly said...

I like the Iron and the Ring

Diane52 said...

I would retire the thimble and go with the robot
Diane Baum