Thursday, February 21, 2013

Battle of the Sample Boxes: Ipsy Vs. Birchbox {February}

Birchbox was once again delayed because of the crazy New York weather (what is going on up there?), so this post is a little later than usual. Here you go:
*$10 a month 
*It was started by Michelle Phan (who is a Youtube Beauty Guru)
*Every month you receive a make-up bag with deluxe samples and full sized products
My February bag:

*Pixi Flawless & Poreless ($29 for 30ml, 15ml= $14.5)
*Coastal Scents Glitz & Glamour Eye Shadow Sample set (estimated value $2)
*MICA Beauty cosmetics black gel eyeliner (I think this is full sized, $30)
*Lash Card ($6.99 for 10, 4= $2.79)
*Pop Beauty mascara in Smoky Black ($13.84 for full size, est. value $7)
*Black makeup bag (unknown value)
Total estimated value before makeup bag: $56.29

Initial Thoughts: I finally get to try Pixi! I have drooled over some of the Pixi eye products at Target, but I can't bring myself to pay that much for a brand I have never tried and don't know much about. Pixi has Sephora prices, not Target. I'm also excited about the gel eyeliner and mascara. I probably won't use the eyeshadow (I didn't care for Coastal Scents last time it was in Ipsy and the small palette is awkward). The Lash Cards are pretty ridiculous. Unless you are a preteen/ teen learning how to put on mascara for the first time, then I don't see the point. Even with the two crap products, it is a really good bag. I am once again happy with Ipsy.

*$10 a month
*Created by Harvard Grads
*You receive 4-5 "deluxe samples" every month, occasionally full sized products
*You get bonus points for answering short surveys about the products you receive. You can then use those points to buy products at the their store (i.e.: FREE Stuff!)
my February box:

*Nicole Richie Fragrances- Nicole by Nicole Richie ($55 for 50ml, 1.5ml = $1.65)
*Color Club nail polish in Mamba (mini= $4)
*Vasanti - Brighten Up! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator ($34 for 120gm, 20gm = $5.67)
*Ghirardelli Squares - Milk Chocolate with Caramel ($4.25 for 5.32oz, 0.53oz= $0.42)
*Twistband - Thick Headband ($19 for 6, 1 = $3.16)
Total Value: $14.90

Initial Thoughts: Really Birchbox, Really? Everything I hate to get all in one box: perfume (and Nicole Richie none the less...what is next Britney Spears?), Twistband and nail polish. The nail polish I might be okay with if it wasn't the same crap brand and a super common color that everyone already has. Plus, it isn't even full sized. Ipsy sent me a much nicer, full sized cherry red last month. Twistband is a joke. You can buy the material and make your own "twistbands" for a few pennies and yet they charge about $3 per hair tie/ headband. The headbands don't even work because they slide around too much. So the only two things worth mentioning are a small chocolate bar (which I can not even eat due to my no sugar diet) and the Vasanti. I am getting closer and closer to cancelling every month. This boxes total may be at $14, but it is not worth the $10 I paid.

This Month's Winner: This post should be renamed "How bad did Ipsy outshine Birchbox this month?" because I can't remember the last time Birchbox won. Ipsy has won the majority of the battles and definitely the war. I'm not even sure at this point how Birchbox is still alive to fight. I am seriously considering cancelling Birchbox. Maybe I will switch to the Allure Sample Society box that I received once and really liked.


Jenny Hodges said...

I just can't wrap my head around paying a company for samples that are free. Maybe I'm missing something? Or I'm just not that creative in wanting to try new products LOL. The few boxes I've gotten to review I've always been like "eh, I'd be mad if I paid XYZ amount for this." LOL

erin said...

I agree with you and Jenny on this one. Those samples should be free from Birchbox! And Ipsy is totally the winner here.

Alliejean said...

That is a pretty huge difference for both boxes costing the same $amount :/

Tania B said...

Wow. I haven't come across a post like yours before. It is very useful to see the content broken down into estimated prices, etc. Thank you for this sincerely. I have yet to try any of the sample box companies because I am very gun shy of just not knowing what I might get!

KWade said...

I'd be understandably upset about the stuff received int he BirchBox as well. I hate those kinds of headbands that don't stay on at all, and I'd be really mad to get chocolate that I can't eat! Did the perfume at least smell good?

Maddie Klingaman said...

I don't know if paying $120 a year for mostly samples is a good thing. I mean, if I cannot get a sample of a new or old product that I want to try I just don't buy it. I hate spending money on stuff like that.

BTW, what is a lash card? I do want to thank you though for the honest review. It's the first time I have ever read a review that used the word "crap"

Jenna {Real Simple Girl} said...

Good to read an unbiased review of the beauty boxes. I've heard great things about BirchBox, but every time I see what they're sending each month, I'm just not impressed, which is why I haven't pulled the trigger on subscribing.

Sweetpetunia said...

Wow, I had no idea there were these services out there. You did good on the review but, yeah, what is a lash card? After reading the other comments though, where would one have to go to get all these free samples?

Colen Achurra said...

this is really helpful. birchbox is such a knockout.

Jessica Houston said...

It sounds like Ipsy is the better deal so I wold go with that one lol!

Carla Bonesteel said...

LOL...I love this post...Looks like Ipsy is the way to go, although I just can't see myself paying my good money to let ANYONE else pick stuff for me. I just can't do it!

Audrey said...

Signing up for IPSY!

HarleyC said...

They both look good! I wish I could afford these at this time, but times are tough for me.

Paula V said...

I've not heard of Ipsy but have recently seen posts of Birchbox. I've not tried either one.

Helga said...

Iv enever heard of either company thanks for the review

Ari T said...

Not a fan of getting these kinds of boxes, but yes, definitely would go with the Ipsy based on this post! Maybe I'm just too picky that's why these sample box subscriptions would never work for me. :\

let it be said...

If I had extra money I might sign up for Ipsy...Birchbox doesnt look like it's nearly worth the money.

sgumer said...

there are so many of these boxes so how do u pick!!!