Saturday, February 23, 2013

Dry Idea Review + Giveaway (3 winners!)

You may remember from my last Dry Idea review that I have perspiration issues. I sweat a lot. I have recently learned that part of this is due to my high blood sugar and diabetes. Hopefully I can get my body under control more in the future. For now, I have wonderful companies like Dry Idea helping me to adapt. 

Dry Idea has gotten even better since I last tried it (I liked it then and I really LOVE it now). First of all, let's talk about the scent. They sent me the new "Fresh" scent and it smells amazing. It has a really nice clean outdoorsy-but-not-manly smell. When I smell it I am transported to a cozy picnic by a stream on the perfect summer day. The scent is the perfect strength as well. I get occasionally whiffs of it throughout the day, but it isn't strong enough for others to smell it. It is just enough to reassure myself that I do not stink.
Another improvement that they have made is that this antiperspirant and deodorant has 72 hour protection! There is no way that you are going to get this paranoid girl to go 72 hours without deodorant. However, I did do housework on one of my days off and didn't get a shower until late in the day. I lasted about 32 hours without reapplication and/or shower and I was still smelling fresh and like I had just applied it. 32 hour protection is more than enough to convince me. 

Dry Idea is available in Roll-on, Aerosol and Clear Gel. I do wish that they would make it in an invisible solid since that is my favorite form of deodorant. However, I am enjoying the Roll-on. It is quicker to apply than solids because you don't have to rub it around as much. I have been using this Roll-on more than the "clinical strength" solid brand I was using when I received the Dry Idea. After using Dry Idea last time I worked it into an alternating schedule with my current brand. I didn't completely switch over because I wasn't a huge fan of their scents. Now that Dry Idea has the Fresh scent I will probably switch over completely. Yes, it works that well.

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Disclaimer: I received a Dry Idea Fresh Roll-On and coupons to share with my readers from Purex Insiders in exchange for this review. I was not compensated in any other way. All opinions are completely my own.


Alliejean said...

I might need to try this, normally I dont have any issues, but when Im pregnant I sweat like CRAZY.

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Maddie Klingaman said...

I have been using the same antipersperant for years. I think it is time for a change.

canti said...

I have yet to experience a Cirque performance but do know people who have. Their response is always the same, "amazing"!

thatgirl said...

I am Canadian and am embarrassed to say that I have not yet seen Cirque! I am hoping they will come to town before they fold. They laid off so many people in the last couple of months so I hope that does not happen before I see them live.

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