Saturday, February 9, 2013

Healthy Being Wellness Center Spa

Last Tuesday I visited the Healthy Being Wellness Center in St. Petersburg, FL with a group of bloggers. We were invited by the owner Melissa to preview their special Valentine's Day spa menu. I was really excited for this and quickly decided to sacrifice sleep on a work day so that I could go. I already knew most of the bloggers since they were all members of our Tampa Bay Bloggers group. So, we had to get a group shot:
Denise of Run DMT, Me, Raffi of Running Betty, Chrissy of Loving Life, Jenny of MetamorFit, and Teresa of Making It All Work.
We were all treated with yummy drinks and snacks and handed a list of the four mini spa treatments we would be receiving. I received:

*Shoulder Massage
*Chocolate Facial
*Ear Seeds
*Parrafin Chocolate Mint Hand Treatment

My first treatment was the shoulder massage with Becky. Do you know how some people put you at ease the second you meet them? Becky is one of these people. I was completely comfortable with her giving me a massage. She did an amazing job too. I was so relaxed that I was about ready to fall asleep on the massage table. She also quickly identified a few of my problem areas and worked on those. Next up was a Chocolate Facial with Cindy. I'll admit that this was only my second facial. It was so heavenly! It was a combination of a face massage, hot steam towels, moisturizers and the chocolate facial. The chocolate was left on for a few minutes and then it was wiped off. The whole facial felt fantastic even though I had a slight problem with a sensitivity to one of their moisturizers. It left my skin feeling clean and fresh (although a bit splotchy due to the irritation). 

The seeds are covered with flesh colored stickers to hold them on

Next up were the Ear Seeds. Yes, Ear Seeds. They are tiny black, round seeds that are placed at pressure points around your ear to help with aliments. Adam placed 5 different ear seeds in my ear: 3 for calming, 2 for pain. It was really neat to talk to Adam and find out about how different things can be helped through your ear. We also talked a lot about the Acupuncture that Adam does. Acupuncture has always intrigued me, although needles do not. He showed me how tiny the needles were and explained the process better. I was interested to learn that it works really well for digestive issues. Back to the ear seeds...did they work? I felt like they did! Some of them worked better than others. The one on my top inner ear really works! I think I may have moved the lower inner ear one on accident, so that may be why it's less effective. The Ear Seeds last for a few days to a couple weeks depending on if you knock them off in the shower. 

My last treatment was the Parrafin Chocolate Mint Hand Treatment with Kristina. I am a wuss when it comes to heat. I was kind of dreading this treatment, but I decided to "Woman-up" and try it anyhow. It was definitely too hot for me. I dipped my hands into the wax about 3 times for each hand and they burned for a minute or so afterwards. Kristina then covered my hands in plastic and placed mints over my hands. The wax was left on for about 15 minutes. When it was time to remove it, it came off easily. My hands did feel softer afterwards, but I don't think I will be doing this treatment again. I am too much of a wimp. 

I really enjoyed my mini spa day and I want to Thank all the staff at the Healthy Being Wellness Center. They were all very nice and knowledgeable. I am already making plans to visit again soon. At the top of my list: a massage (therapeutic, relaxing or hot stone; haven't decided yet), a facial and a body wrap.

Adam, Becky, Cindy, Kristina, Melissa

Valentine's Day Spa Menu

*Dark Chocolate Moisturizing Facial (50 min) - $55
*Rose Petal Anti-Aging Facial (50 min) - $55
*Hot Chocolate Stone Massage (50 min) - $50
*Rose Bouquet Therapeutic Massage (50 min) - $65
*Rose Petal Body Wrap (50 min) - $70
*Couple's Romance Massage (50 min) - $130/couple

*Sweet Love: Mini Dark Chocolate Facial & Mini Rose Bouquet Therapeutic Massage  (60 min) - $60
*Death by Chocolate: Dark Chocolate Moisturizing Facial & Hot Chocolate Stone Massage (110min) - $120
*Valentine's Bliss: Dark Chocolate Moisturizing Facial & Rose Petal Wrap (125 min) - $120
*Sweetheart: Head to Toe: Rose Petal Anti-Aging Facial, Stimulating Scalp Moisturizing Hair Treatment, Hot Chocolate Stone Massage & Detox Foot Spa (130 min) - $170
*Cupid's Rescue: Chocolate Facial, Rose Petal Body Wrap & Hot Chocolate Stone Massage (175 min) - $180
*It's All Chocolate & Roses: Dark Chocolate Moisturizing Facial, Rose Petal Body Wrap & Hot Chocolate Stone Massage (175 min) - $260
*Couple's True Love: Side by Side Treatments: Couples Romance Massage, Dark Chocolate Facial and Rose Petal Body Wrap (175 min) - $350

Disclaimer: I received the mentioned spa services. I was not compensated in any other way. All opinions are completely my own.


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Great post! I've never even heard of earbuds so it was interesting to read your experience! If I win the giveaway, I would love to try the chocolate stone massage!

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