Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Power of Twitter + Ryan Dishen

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Music is one of my biggest passions. I love it. For me there is nothing more thrilling than witnessing an amazing live performance. It is rare that I write about music because...well...this is not a music blog. Today something happened and I was inspired. When I am inspired, I write.

I have over 6,000 twitter followers (shamless plug here: follow me @Latsyrc728) and I have been trying to follow back most of my new followers and checking out their blogs if it applies (feel free to leave your twitter handle below and I will check you out). Well, today I was followed by someone named Ryan Dishen. I have no idea why he followed me. His description says that his music is Indie, Folk and Punk. That intrigued me. I am a huge Indie and Punk Fan and my recent favorite bands include The Lumineers and Imagine Dragons which could be considered Folk. I hate titles though, people get too hung up on them. Anyways, I followed his link. After listening to his newest video I proceeded to like him on Facebook, watch every Youtube video and now I am writing this post. Yes, He is quite good. He is also not very well known.

Maybe he will make it, maybe he won't. I know that my chances of seeing him aren't great since he is from Cali and I live in Florida. All the same I figured I would share his music and hopefully someday I can reference this post and how I knew about him before everyone else. If nothing else, maybe I can help make his day by featuring him and your day by treating you to some beautiful music. Without further ado, two of his videos (visit the website if you can not see them):

Note: this first video is a little shaky, the second video has better quality. I like the first song the most which is why I posted it first.

You are welcome! :) All of this because he followed me on twitter. Twitter is a powerful tool my friends. One follow or one hashtag can lead to a lot. Ryan Dishen has earned at least one fan and some free promotion for liking someone. What can twitter do for you?


KWade said...

Very nice of you to share his music I'm sure he really appreciates it. He's good! I really like the second song. Twitter and social media in general has really become something huge, hasn't it?

Anonymous said...

Gotta love twitter! Who knew??? Well, it took me a long time to jump on the twitter bandwagon, but now I am in love!

Lynn Kentin said...

Nice post! I totally agree in the power of Twitter. Thats how I even got the honor to meet this beautiful human being. Dont worry about the fact you live in Florida. I am from the Netherlands. ;-)
Ryan will go everywhere where there's love for music and life :-).

Ashleigh Swerdfeger said...

Social media is an incredible phenomenon. Thanks for sharing. I found you through the $400 giveway. Here's hoping :D

Ashleigh Swerdfeger said...

That should read give-away lol :)

Maria Iemma said...

I fought the twitter bug for a while but once I tweeted I was hooked. How did we ever do with out it?