Thursday, September 26, 2013

Living Dreams: Rays and Imagine Dragons

The Tropicana Field - it has a bad rap, but I personally love it

I have had an incredible week! In the past week I have attended two Tampa Bay Rays games which were the last two home series this year (vs. Texas and vs. Baltimore). I also got to watch one of my favorite bands (I have about 10...don't ask) perform for the first time: Imagine Dragons. I am still in awe of just how amazing they were. More on that in a minute. 

The Rays won both of the games that we went to (I swear, we are good luck for them!). The first game against Texas was a tough fight and went 12 innings. Luckily I was not there for the 18 inning game that the Rays had two days later. The second game we received amazing tickets from my Rays contact as a "Thank You". It was for Star Wars night and it was the last Saturday game of the season. It was so much fun!! 

It was also our first time seeing pitcher Alex Cobb since he was hit in the head by a line drive in June. I do admit I was a little nervous, but really happy to have him back. He is one of my favorite Rays pitchers.

Back to that living dreams part of this post. All of the Rays and Rays fans are hoping to add more banners up here:

We are still in the top Wild Card spot with only 4 games left. So exciting and stressful. I am hoping to not only make it to October baseball, but to see this in post season:

Our mascot Raymond with a "Rays Win" flag

Go RAYS!! 

I have been counting down to Tuesday night (9/24) for MONTHS now. There are only a few songs that have really made me stop, listen and google like crazy to find out who that band was. It happened with Blink 182 when I was 14. It happened with Rise Against years ago. It happened the first time that I heard "It's Time" by Imagine Dragons. Since then I have fell in love with Radioactive, Hear Me, Demons, Amsterdam and well....pretty much their entire Night Visions cd.

I stalked Ticketmaster and when I finally saw that they were coming to Tampa, I was on there with the presale code to buy the tickets. Those tickets weren't close enough; so I waited until the second that they went on sale to the general public. I was able to get seats (we were after seats for health issues...stupid car accident) that were four rows up from the floor and pretty darn close.

The day finally came and I was literally transformed into a 16 year old little girl going to see her favorite band for the first time. Concerts do that to me. I had heard that they were good, but I really had no clue. They were freaking amazing!! Dan made it look so flawless to walk around and belt out his gorgeous lyrics. They had an incredible set that changed to fit the song (during Radioactive it looked like the set was on fire and there was an Apocalypse, during Round and Round they had a multi-colored wheel on the screen going round and round, etc). They had these really cool metal trees on the stage and of course there were tons of awesome (and BIG) drums.

Here is a Youtube video I uploaded of "It's Time". You will have to visit the site to view it if you are reading this via email, reader, etc. Excuse the shakiness, people were going a little crazy during this song.

 This video really does not do them justice. If you are a fan, you really need to see them live! It was definitely a dream come true for me. It was made even better by their incredible performance and how humble Dan was. He sincerely thanked everyone for helping them get where they are today. They definitely solidified their spot in my heart.

How has your week been? Have you chased any dreams recently?


Run DMT said...

I am so sad I missed these events. I been wanting to go to a Rays home game all summer. I would love to see a Wild Card game.

Imagine Dragons are truly amazing. Such a talented band! Their acoustic stuff is amazing!

Katrina Pilkington said...

I LOVE ID! Star Wars anything is a hoot so this looks SO fun!

Nikki_Crites said...

Love seeing the Storm Troopers on the field. Security detail!!

Anonymous said...

Oh man I'm jealous you went to a Rays game on Star Wars night! We finally tailgated and saw a Rays game with Meg this year and it was so much fun! ♡ imagine dragons too! Can I rub elbows with ya for luck? ;-)