Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Battle of the Sample Boxes: Ipsy Vs. Sample Society {February}

I SO love receiving my sample boxes! It makes every month like Christmas and allows me to try a lot of neat and new things. Here is what I received for the month of February:
*$10 a month 
*It was started by Michelle Phan (who is a Youtube Beauty Guru)
*Every month you receive a make-up bag with deluxe samples and full sized products
*Take small surveys on the products you receive and give your friends your referral link for Ipsy points. Trade in the points for bonus items. 
My February Bag:
note: the benefit high beam is an Ipsy point bonus
*pop beauty plump pout mini (full size is $16, this 4gm mini is probably half size, est. value $8)
*City Color Be Matte Blush (FULL SIZE $2.99)
*Zoya nail polish in Odette (FULL SIZE $9)
*J. Cat Beauty Eyelashes and Eyelash Glue ($3.99)
*skyn Iceland Fresh Start Mask (2 part, blue clay and activating gel) ($39 for 6 masks, 1 mask= $6.50)
*Makeup bag (unknown value)
*Ipsy Point Bonus: benefit high beam (FULL SIZE! $26) 
TOTAL before makeup bag: $30.48 ($56.48 with bonus!)

Initial Thoughts: Very happy. I think I mentioned awhile ago that if you send me a zoya nail polish, I will be a happy girl. I LOVE the blush. It may only be worth $3, but it is a great product that I never would have tried if not for Ipsy. It looks like a weird color, but it goes on light and is build-able and nicely pigmented. I was initially excited for the lip gloss until I opened it. It stinks...like literally smells bad. It is also supposed to plump, but it doesn't. It is actually really thin and runs. I definitely don't like it. I am also not a fan of eyelashes. I have bad eyes and would never in a million years put glue on them. Plus, I have naturally long lashes. I am excited to try the mask. I always love skin care products and this one sounds neat. It is more than I would spend for a mask, so it will be a treat. Of course, the high beam is AWESOME! I have been wanting it for a long time. I was thrilled to trade my points in for it! 

 Sample Society (Please use code TFL99 if you sign up)
*$15 a month 
*Creation of Allure and Beauty Bar
*5 deluxe-sized samples
*$15 gift code to redeem on a $50 purchase - when any product from the brands you've sampled is included in your order.
*Expert beauty advice to accompany your samples from the editors of Allure
My February box:
*Phytokeratine Ultra-repairing mask ($39 for 200ml, 50ml= $9.75)
*Murad Intensive-C Radiance Peel ($49.50 for 50ml, 10ml= $9.90)
*Ahava Dead Sea Osmoter Concentrate moisture/ radiance boosting serum ($60 for 30ml , 5ml= $10)
*Murad Advanced Active Radiance Serum ($89 for 30ml,  5ml= $14.83)
*Bamboo 48-hour Sustainable Volume Spray ($25 for 4.2oz, 0.85oz= approx $5)

Initial Thoughts: I was pretty excited to receive this box. I am in love with Bamboo products. The last time Sample Society sent me a sample of Bamboo I purchased the full sized version too. I have also really come to love my Murad and Ahava samples. I would never pay the full price for Murad, but the samples last me a long time. I enjoy trying them. I've never heard of Phytokeratine. However, it is a good sized sample. If I don't like it, my Mom will. Overall, I am happy with this box and feel like it is worth my money. (UPDATE: Tried the Phytokeratine and it is AWFUL. It is super thin and liquidy and made my hair feel dry. I had to use another conditioner on top of it and my hair felt wrong all day. I don't recommend it).

This month's winner: I'm going to say it was a tie. Both boxes had awesome products and both boxes had disappointments. The two boxes were so different (Ipsy mostly makeup and SS mostly skincare) that it is hard to compare them. They were both wins in my eyes. :)

Do you get sample boxes? What did you get?
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Disclaimer: I pay for these subscriptions out of my own pocket. This is a completely honest post for the benefit of my readers. I am not in contact with the companies and I am not compensated in any way.


Sandwich Gal said...

I am going to look into getting some sample box action!! Those are amazing deals.

BlondeSilverLining said...

I used to get Birchbox and Ipsy's Glam bag, but now I just get Ipsy, which I find almost always has some great new things as well as some favorite brands. I almost always see a great value for my $10 as well!