Monday, August 4, 2014

OOFOS Ooriginal Sandal Review #feeltheOO

As a Floridian, I live in sandals year round. They are easy to take on and off and they keep your feet cooler than socks and shoes. If you have the right pair, they can even be more comfortable. There is nothing like having cool and comfortable feet on a hot Florida day. I recently discovered OOFOS and trust me, they are a brand that you are going to want to try for yourself.
Here is a picture of the first time I tried on my OOFOS OOriginal Women’s:

I actually received them on my way to work and I couldn't wait to try them. So, picture was taken there. Excuse the old, dirty, corporate carpet. 

Pure Bliss. Do you know that saying that “it was like walking on clouds”? I believe that the person that said that was wearing OOFOS at the time. The OOfoam technology in OOFOS offers:
*Unparalled impact absorption
*Superior arch support
*Insane comfort

These are truly the most comfortable sandals that I have ever owned.  They may even be the most comfortable pair of shoes I have every owned.  Since I can’t find the details on the material other than that it is “OOfoam technology”, I am going to explain these shoes to you as I interpret them and hope that my interpretation is correct. They seem to be some mixture of rubber and foam mixed together and poured into a mold. The mold has grooves and raised arches for extra support. The result is super comfortable and bouncy shoes.
Here I am in my backyard, a much prettier background :)

My Husband always used to make fun of me for wearing flip flops to amusement parks. He didn’t understand how my feet could survive that. Well, that was before my numerous injuries (broken tibia, broken fibula, dislocated knee, metal plates and screws in my right ankle, 2 discs replaced in my spine, etc.) I now need more support than your average flip flops or sandals can offer if I am going to be walking any amount of time. Luckily, these Oofos provide the support I need. No more shoes and socks at the amusement park! Yay! 
Side view. See how thick they are?

OOFOS also come in a OOAHH Slide and OOCloog. Both designs are available in Women’s and Men’s. The OOFOS OOriginal and OOFOS  OOAHH Slide retail for $39.95 and the OOCloog retails for $49.95.

*Disclaimer: I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


joe hawk said...

Very cool l would love them.

Jennifer Heintz said...

Those OOFOS look sooo thick and so comfortable. Thanks for the review.

Elizabeth said...

You had me at "comfortable"! I'm really curious to try these myself. My feet get so hot wearing socks and shoes, but I need support and comfort when I'm walking for exercise or going somewhere where I'm going to be on my feet. These flip-flops sound like they would work really well!

Cami said...

Those do look comfortable and much more durable than regular flip-flops. They're cute, too!

April Farley said...

They look comfy and sound like they keep your feet cool. I need that as my feet get so hot! No one likes a lady with swamp foot. yuck!

Ola Beremako said...

they look so so comfy. i waaaaaant

lemonlaurie said...

These look very comfy.I live in sandals Spring and Summer!

Librarian Lavender said...

They look great and I love your nail polish!

Nuresha Perera said...

love it

Veronica Hay said...

Ohh i want a pair in black!!! We just moved and my husband packed my shoes and i can not find any of my flip flops at all. boo!!!