Friday, November 14, 2014

BOOKSTO.ME Instagram Photo Book #bookstome


Have you ever wished that you had a physical photo album of your Instagram pictures? Well, guess what? There is a service for that and it is called BOOKSTO.ME

BOOKSTO.ME will send you a monthly or quarterly 8x8 photo book that is automatically created based off of your Instagram feed. All you have to do is sign up. You don't have to login every month and design the book, they do it for you. If there is a picture that you don't want included in your book, you just place the hashtag #noBTM on the picture. This is how it works:
 I use my Instagram for a mixture of personal and business (this blog, social media events, promoting local restaurants). So, I had a lot of pictures to exclude from my book. I went through and placed a hashtag in the comments of a lot of food and product pictures, but I apparently missed quite a few. Here is my current Instagram feed: Latsyrc728

 As you can see, it is a mixture of items. I also post a lot in some months and not much in others. Luckily, I posted a lot in September which is the month my BOOKSTO.ME was created from. When the book arrived, I was excited to see it's contents. 

The 8x8 book comes with a sleeve that has the dates your book contains (Sept 10, 2014- October 10, 2014 for mine) and mini pictures of some of the contents. The cover is black canvas. This book helped me realize that I REALLY need to start posting more personal items on Instagram. I don't have a single picture of my Husband, there are only a few pictures of me (mostly with products to promote them....or as a bloody zombie for Halloween) and a few pictures of my dog. I did have a few beautiful pictures from our recent visit to the Chihuly collection in St. Petersburg, FL (which was a personal visit).

I also had some random stuff. For example, this sign that I found at a local brewery that amused me:
 I was happy with the quality of the pictures in the book. If you think about it, all of these pictures were taken with a cell phone, uploaded to Instagram and then reprinted from there into a book. There is a lot of potential to loose quality along the way, but that was not an issue. I also loved how this book ended:

Yes, that is my gorgeous pup showing off his belly. I have a lot of money invested into that adorable belly! 

BOOKSTO.ME has a quarterly plan that prints every 3 months if you don't think you will take enough pictures in one month for a book. My book only contained 20 images because that is how many I had, but yours can contain HUNDREDS of photos. They will print all the photos within your time frame and place them in your book for no extra charge. I love that! 

BOOKTO.ME is $24 for the monthly plan or $44 for a quarterly plan. You can also give BOOKTO.ME as a gift for the Instagram junkies in your life. This would be a really easy and neat way to document your child's growth too. Sign up now and your first book will print in 24 hours.

*Disclaimer: I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


Stacey Merrill said...

That would be a great gift for grandmas! Love your Chihuly pics, by the way

lil_lady_dz said...

I love this personal gift, photo books are always a great thing to give. Awesome keepsake!

Ashley Perez said...

very nice!!

diana scholz said...

This is SUCH a great idea! Love it!

Kim Bartlett said...

This would make a great gift! Thanks for the review.

Jay said...

This is so neat!!