Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Power Theory Credit Card-Sized External Battery Pack #Powercard


 I am a social butterfly. I attend events, dinners and group functions often.  As a result, I often end up at events with a dying (or sometimes dead) cell phone. I always feel uncomfortable without a phone. However, a dead phone is a real issue when I am at a social media event where I agreed to Tweet and Instagram. I own four different external battery packs. All of them are clunky and a pain to use. My best one is almost useless. Not anymore. 

I was sent the Power Theory Credit Card-Sized External Battery Pack to review. This power card is 3.8x2.4x0.26 inches. It has 2500mAh and an input and output of 5V. It will recharge your phone in 3-4 hours.

This power card is my new favorite accessory. It is slightly bigger than a credit card, but not by much. It is also extremely light. Everything you need on the go is contained in this one little card. The cord that charges your phone lays down flat and tucks into the card. If you need to use the iPhone adapter, that plugs into the a hidden spot under the cord when not in use. I don't have to search through my purse for loose cords anymore. It also makes it easier when you are walking around actually charging your phone. This power card easily wraps around and lays flat in your hand with your phone. The only part of this card that is kept separate is the USB charging cable (to charge the power card) and that is something that I would leave at home anyhow.

This power card battery pack really works. I plugged my phone in at 50% and 92 minutes later I noticed that my Samsung Galaxy was fully charged. With my old external battery packs, I was lucky if they charged my phone 30% before they died. As a matter of fact, they had a bad habit of keeping my phone at the same percentage instead of actually charging them...especially while in use. I tested the Power Theory card by surfing Facebook and Twitter while it was plugged in. It took a minute for it to start, but it actually charged my phone while in use.

Another thing that I love about this power card is that there is not an on/off switch. This has been a problem for me when carrying external battery packs in my purse. The Power Theory card automatically charges your phone when it has juice and is plugged in. It turns off when it is unplugged. 

I highly recommend this Power Theory Credit-Card Sized External Battery Pack. As a matter of fact, I purchased a second one today. They are currently on sale at Amazon, so stock up! 


*Disclaimer: I received a free product in exchange for this review. All opinions are my own.

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