Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Acu-Life 360 Hot and Cold Universal Therapy Brace Review #aculifebrace


You all know by now that I have a lot of physical pain. I have pain in my knee, back, right elbow, neck, wrist, foot and ankle. I am always looking for newer and better pain relief products. I have tried a lot of different things. When I find something new that is so simple and yet so incredibly genius it astounds me. This was the case with the Acu-Life 360 Therapy Brace by Health Enterprises, Inc. 

This product is very unique in the fact that it fits not just one body part....but three! That is right; three. The 360 Therapy Brace is designed to fit your Ankles, Elbows and Knees. Mind blown. To make this product even better, it is a hot and cold therapy brace. You can microwave it. You can freeze it. You can even toss it in your fridge for a slight cooling effect.

 The brace also comes with extenders (those are the black strips in the above picture) in case you need them. I have tried this brace out every way imaginable. I have used it cold on my knee, elbow and ankle. I have also used it hot on all three areas. I am in love with it. If you are microwaving the brace, it only takes 10 seconds to heat it. 15 seconds if you want it really hot. That in itself is incredible, but what really sells this brace for me is the fit. 

 I have struggled many times to try to wrap a heating blanket or hot/cold pad around my knee and elbow. It never works. Most of the time I end up holding the heating device on and it only touches part of my knee/elbow. This Acu-Life 360 Universal Therapy Brace is the perfect solution. It fits my knee snug. It fits my ankle well with a small gap of fabric at the bottom of my foot (not where it is heated and not an issue). In order to wrap my elbow perfectly, I do need assistance. However, I can wrap it loosely by myself and it works well enough that way. 

The top two photos are my knee, the bottom two are my ankle

The 360 Therapy Brace gets impressively warm after only 10-15 seconds in the microwave. I think that this is my preferred method of using it. The heat lasts a decent amount of time (normally I end up taking it off before the heat has ran out). I have found that the skin on my elbow is much more sensitive than my knee or ankle. Therefore, I heat it less or have to let it cool down before using it on my elbow.

 Overall, I am VERY happy to add this genius brace to my collection. I would highly recommend it. The 360 Hot and Cold Universal Therapy Brace retails for $19.99. 
Health Enterprises, Inc. was also kind enough to send me another product to try: the Ultra Wrap.

 Wraps are great for when you have a body part that is acting up but you are forced to do a lot of movement. For example: work, a day at the amusement park, a marathon, etc. I have used wraps and also tape in the past. They are normally hot and uncomfortable. This Ultra Wrap is different. Here are the product features:

-Reusable: wear 10+ times
-Unique cushioned support and 4-way stretch 
-Wicks away perspiration
-adjustable and easy to apply 
-Hypoallergenic, Latex & Neoprene Free
-2.5 inch x 60 inch in size

This wrap is so incredibly soft and comfortable to wear. I wrapped my knee before work one day and I forgot I had it on until after I was home and changing. It didn't leave any marks or painful spots on my skin where I was using it either. It comes with a velcro-type closure that sticks really well. This is another great Acu-Life product that I would recommend.The Ultra Wrap retails for $12.99.

How do you deal with your pain? Have you ever used Acu-Life products before?

*Disclaimer: I received products for free in exchange for this honest review. All opinions are completely my own.

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