Monday, March 9, 2015

Block Out Background Noise with #Plugfones


Life is LOUD. If you are anything like me, then you have a lot of background noise in your life. My Husband likes to play video games and my laptop where I do homework, write and work on blog posts is in the same room. I also have a work cubicle that is open air and exposed to dozens of people talking at the same time and the phone ringing. I definitely need some help with background noise. When I found out about Plugfones, I knew that they would be perfect for me. 

Plugfones come in different colors with creative names such as Contractor, Motorhead, Performer, Ranger and Executive. They come with the usual earbud ends so that you can use them to listen to music. However, they also come with foam earplugs that are interchangeable. These allow you to drown out background noise and focus on the task at hand. They have a noise reduction of 25 decibels.

I have been testing these out and they do a decent job of drowning out background noise. I can still hear music, gunfire (from video games) and the loud television through them with just the foam earplugs. However, the noise is considerably less. If I use one foam earplug and one regular ear-bud with music, then I can't hear much in the background. This is definitely my preferred way to use them. I can actually concentrate quite well with my favorite songs playing in the background. The sound with the Plugfones is decent considering that they only cost $24.95.

The only thing I didn't really like is the way that you interchange the earplugs and earbuds. You have to pop them off of a thin plastic spike and it is a little difficult to do. I also am afraid I am going to tear the foam when I do it. 

Overall, I am enjoying my Plugfones. They are recommend for air travel and I will be excited to test them out when I fly in a few weeks. For now, I would definitely recommend them for students or anyone with a lot of noise in their life.

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*Disclaimer: I received a free product in exchange for this review. All opinions are completely my own.

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