Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Geek Fuel - Geek Subscription Boxes


I don't know that I have truly let my geek flag fly on this website. However, I am a geek...and proud of it! My boss mentioned that one of our facilities was "COD" the other day. I literally said "What? Why are they Call of Duty? What does that mean?". Apparently COD means other things like "cash on delivery". Aye. I am also a HUGE Doctor Who fan. I have a Tardis phone case on my phone. I own a Doctor Who clock, jewelry, t-shirts, etc. I have seen EVERY Marvel movie in theaters. Proud geek here indeed. So, when I heard about Geek Fuel it was a match made in HEAVEN. 

Geek Fuel is a box packed full of geeky items that will have you doing a *happy dance*. Every month includes a unique original t-shirt design. So cool. Here is what I received in my March box:

Ohh want better pictures? You can't handle better pictures! Hmm...excuse me...I am in full on geek mode at the moment. Here they are:

-Game of Thrones / video game characters original t-shirt- This tee pays homage to Game of Thrones by imagining what it would look like for different video game characters to be in the seat of power. Featured are Mario, Mega Man, Sonic, Link (Legend of Zelda), Master Chief (Halo) and Cloud (Final Fantasy VII). This t-shirt is SO cool. It is also really soft and fits great. 

-Warmachine Tactics downloadable game code and sticker sheet - What? It includes a $40 video game!! That is so awesome! This is a turn-based tactical game which is one of my Husband's favorite type of games. 

-Game of Thrones Comic Book - There were five different possible comic books you could have received. I think receiving a comic book made my Husband feel like a kid again. He was super happy.

-Dragon Glass - This arrowhead shaped piece of "dragon glass" is pretty to look at. It is supposed to kill the "White Walkers" (Game of Thrones). 

-Commemorated Leonard Nimoy Spock Button - I think this was a late add on to the box because it was not on the card. This is a nice way for Star Trek fans to remember a man that they loved so much. My Husband loved this one too.

-Darryll Jones Poster- This was probably my Husband's favorite item. He promptly claimed it as his and took it to his desk area to flatten out. It arrived rolled up, so the picture above is a little wrinkly and does not show the full size of the poster. This poster has a special nod to Star Wars. Look closely to see the Stormtrooper in the cockpit. 

-Gears of War Imulsion Energy Drink - We are Gears of War fans. However, we weren't really quite sure what to do with this. Do we drink it and see how it tastes or save it as memorabilia? As of now, it is unopened. 

We really loved this Geek Fuel box. I don't know if you can tell based off of this post, but we do not watch Game of Thrones. So, this box wasn't really catered to us. Despite that, we still loved all of the items. The t-shirt alone makes this box worth the price and then to throw in a $40 game code..the rest was just gravy. My favorite item was the tee and my Husband's favorite was the Darryll Jones poster. 

We would definitely recommend Geek Fuel. If you are like us and a "geek couple", then it is fun to divide the items up between you...or better yet, share them!


If you click on my link to subscribe to Geek Fuel, then you will receive a free bonus Retro Magazine with your subscription!!

*This post is sponsored by Geek Fuel and contains my affiliate link (I receive a small commission if you purchase after clicking these links). I would not recommend something that I do not support. All opinions are my own.


Lauren Gay said...

I hadn't heard of this before. Is Harry Potter fandom included?

Lora said...

My boyfriend would LOVE the GOT tee! (And all GOT stuff come to think of it...)

Rachel Gault said...

How fun! I love the nerd boxes, I'll have to check this one out :)

Stacey Merrill said...

Too fun! My kid would get off the computer long enough to open the mail if this was coming to our house :)