Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Engine Rose

We have been huge fans of Engine No. 9 since they first opened in St. Petersburg, FL in 2012. Last December, a second location opened by owner Jason Esposito: Engine Rose. We finally had the chance to try Engine Rose last week and we were not disappointed. 

A lot of the menu at Engine Rose reflects the Engine No. 9 menu. This is not a bad thing. Both locations have my favorite burger: The Wine-O. However, Engine Rose has a few unique items including one that we have had our eye on for awhile: Cajun Poutine. 

The Cajun Poutine consists of a huge bowl of crispy fries topped in a thick, brown Debris gravy with cheese curds, green onions and hot sauce. It is exactly what I had imagined and so much more. Warning: this appetizer needs to be shared. My Husband and I finished our Poutine and then could hardly eat our burgers. We tried. We really tried. 

I was wanting to try something different. I really love spicy food. I also really like old school punk and rock. Naturally, I ordered the Black Flag. 

The Black Flag is a blackened burger with cajun spices, pepper jack cheese, jalapeno bacon and fire roasted red peppers. It was extremely tasty, but I was hoping for a little more heat. My Husband ordered the Pepper Bacon Burger. 

The Pepper Bacon Burger has peppercorn bacon, sauteed mushrooms, caramelized onions, romaine lettuce, brie and white truffle aioli. I think we both liked his burger even more than mine. The brie and white truffle aioli were amazing. For the record, we are normally not fans of truffle. I definitely recommend this one. 

Engine Rose also has salads, hot dogs, some amazing chicken wings and a few entrees (including salmon and a braised brisket and gnocchi). Have you tried Engine No. 9 or Engine Rose yet?

Engine Rose
2901 Central Ave
Saint Petersburg, FL 33713
(727) 498-8951 


Nichole @ said...

I still haven't been to Engine No 9 - and now they have a sister spot. Everything looks SOO good!

Lora said...

Everything looks so good! I am hungry now! (And there was bacon! NOM NOM NOM....)

Anonymous said...

Love Engine Rose!! I need to try their poutine, especially since I've never had poutine.