Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Citrus Zinger Sport #ZingAnything

**I received this product for free in exchange for my honest, unbiased review**

Have you tried fruit infused water yet? I have been wanting to try it, but I wasn't sure how to easily infuse my water without make a mess or having seeds floating around. Then, I discovered the Citrus Zinger Sport from Zing Anything. 

The Citrus Zinger Sport has the following features:
  • finger hole for easy carrying
  • easy to add ice via the bottom opening
  • easy to clean, removable citrus press
  • reusable
  • 28oz bottle
  • BPA/Halogen/EA and Phthalate-free
  • 1 Year manufacturer warranty on any mechanical defects.
The cool thing about this bottle is that it not only helps you to infuse your water, but it actually has a citrus reamer to juice your fruit. The bottle design makes it super easy to juice your orange, lemon, lime, etc. without making a mess.

As a matter of fact, the entire bottle breaks apart very easily for quick and efficient cleaning.

As soon as my bottle arrived, I cleaned it and put it to the test. I really wanted to try mandarins since they are my favorite citrus fruit. I could not find them because they are apparently out of season. I purchased the smallest orange that I could find instead and tried the orange with blueberries. 

I had to put the blueberries on the top part of the bottle because the orange was too big. I actually had to juice it and slice away some of the peel to make it fit. Even still, it was tight and kept the orange from infusing the water any more than the juice I had squeezed into it. It was yummy, but I definitely learned that you have to use smaller fruit. If you want to use larger citrus, you should purchase the Citrus Zinger Biggie which is a wider bottle. Next, I tried half a lemon, mint and some fresh honey. 

This combination was definitely my favorite!! I have also used strawberries and blueberries and just placed them in the bottom container of the bottle. So good. 

This bottle seals really well. I have been taking it with me on the go to work and when running errands. It has not leaked or caused any problems. The handle comes in handy when I am trying to carry multiple items. I also love the pop-up sporty top. 

This is a great water infuser water bottle and I highly recommend it. I haven't even told you the best news yet. It is only $17.99 + $2.95 shipping! That is a great price for this well made bottle. It also comes in different colors and a few different designs. I received the Citrus Zinger Sport in the color sage. The sport also comes in Blue, Plum (purple), Yellow and Gray.


Visit the Zing Anything website to purchase this water bottle and view the different versions that they make.

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