Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Flooding and BBQ in Tampa

Hello. I know I haven't been posting as much recently. We had a family emergency that I will be sharing here soon and I have been pretty devastated the last few weeks. Every single time I started to write or even think about writing, I could only think about that situation. You will understand soon. 

Anyways, I am starting to get out of my funk now and I thought I would share the exciting adventures of our Monday in the Monsoon that is Tampa. I say that kind of jokingly. There is not a Monsoon, but it sure feels like it. It is pretty bad out there. A lot of Tampa is under water. This was circulating around yesterday. 

Our area has been covered by clouds and storms on every weather map for about three weeks now. We have had rain every single day for 22 days. Sometimes it is short and sweet, but most days it is heavy and all day long. Our news feeds look like this. 

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW! We are gathering information to keep your family safe during today's #TampaFlooding : *Tampa Bay...
Posted by ABC Action News - WFTS/TV on Monday, August 3, 2015

Like I said, it is pretty bad out there. We had plans to drive through Tampa to a restaurant that we have been dying to try on Monday. It was pouring, but we figured that it has been pouring for 3+ weeks now, we should just go. We were not going through the low laying South Tampa area that we knew was flooded out. I was a little worried. My Husband was not. Guess what? Shocker! I was right. We ran into some flooding. This is nothing compared to what most of the roads are like, but we were trapped and had to drive through this. Have I mentioned we were in a new car that we have only had for 5 weeks?

Shortly after this fiasco (which was on Ehrlich Road), we finally arrived at 4 Rivers Smokehouse. There has been a TON of hype about this place and we were so very excited to try it. They have a lot of options and luckily their standard meals give you the chance to try almost everything if you have 2-3 people. We decided to order our top 4 meats and 6 sides along with cornbread. 

The pictures aren't the best. We were soaked and starving at this point. I ordered the pulled pork and Texas sausage with bread pudding, fried okra and smoked jalapenos. My Husband ordered the brisket, burnt ends, collard greens, mac n'cheese and smokehouse corn. We both asked for cornbread instead of a biscuit

I definitely recommend the burnt ends, brisket, cornbread, bread pudding, fried okra, smokehouse corn and smoked jalapenos. They were our favorites! 

We originally intended to spend some time in the area shopping and exploring. However, after our hectic drive up there we figured it was best to go home at this point. A lot of the exits along the highways were being shut down. We passed by the 275 Westshore exit on the way home as they were laying out the barrels to close it down. We then came home and saw the pictures....wow.

We just got this picture of the Westshore exit of I-275. Stay safe!
Posted by Storm Team 8 WFLA-TV on Monday, August 3, 2015

How was your Monday?


Nichole @ casadecrews.com said...

I love 4 Rivers! This weather has been so crazy. Our neighborhood did not flood, but just a mile up Hillsborough, the road was closed

A Dash of Sparkle said...

It really has been a crazy month of weather! Glad to see bloggers getting out there and trying some things out for those of us who have been a bit housebound though. I've heard good things about 4 Rivers, and it's not on my "must try" list!

~ Shannon