Thursday, August 6, 2015

Tequila - The Little Man Who's Heart Was Too Big #SaveTequila

I told you that I would share my family emergency and the reason why I have been having a hard time writing. Well, my little one (Tequila) has heart disease. We have known for a few months that he has an enlarged heart and will always have breathing issues. However, we were only recently told that his time is very limited. 

I have been heartbroken. 

I love this dog more than I ever thought it was possible to love an animal. He is so much more than an animal or pet to me. He is my Son. I am his protector. His Mom. It kills me so much to not be able to protect him from this. 
I feel helpless. 

We have agreed that we will keep fighting for him as long as he is not in pain or suffering. He is already pretty spoiled, but we are surrounding him with as many of his favorite things as possible. The vet said that he could possibly have months. If we are lucky and the medicine works as we want it to...we could have a year.

 His treatment involves 5 medications which are not cheap. It also involves regular visits to the vet and several emergency visits when things progress suddenly (he has been rushed in and placed on oxygen twice now). There are also tests, x-rays, etc. There is a special test that is several hundred dollars and has to be done at a special vet in Tampa. This test is something we would like to get done, but can not afford it. We have racked up our credit cards. We have decided to ask for help on GoFundMe.

We are not the type of people that ask others for help. However, we could really use it. If you can donate at all, every bit would be appreciated. I would also really love any social media shares. This is his page: 

Prayers are also welcome and accepted. Thank You for reading and please check out his GoFundMe page.


fredamans said...

From one furmommy to another, I am so sorry to hear he is sick. (((HUGS))) & prayers.

Rachel Gault said...

I'm so sorry you're having to deal with this. I know this one of the hardest things to go through :( Sending lots of love and prayers your way.