Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Fit Snack September Box #FitSnack #HealthyFood

**I received this product for free in exchange for my honest review. This post also contains affiliate links which means I receive a small commission if you make a purchase.**

I have been extremely busy this pas month. So, Fit Snack has been a life saver once again! I love that I almost always have healthier snacks on hand because I have a Fit Snack subscription. Here is what I received in my September box: 

-TruProteins Whey Protein in Dark Cacao - I am not really a fan of protein powders, so I passed this on to a friend. She has been adding it to her morning smoothie and she loves it.

-Wilde Bar - I received two varieties of Wilde Bars: Peach BBQ slow-baked beef and Maple Bacon Blueberry slow-baked turkey. These were very interesting. I am still not entirely sure if I loved the meat and fruit combination, but it sustained me when I was hungry at work. 

-Tosi Health Super Bites in Cashew- I am normally not a cashew person, but these Tosi bars are REALLY delicious. They are also surprisingly low in sugar for their sweet taste. There were five small bars in a package. This package lasted me two days and I savored every bite. I am going to buy more of these. A huge Thanks to Fit Snack for this great find!

-Amara Sports Drink in CoffeeBerry and Pomegranate - I tried to like this drink, but I just did not like the taste. It was cool to see a weird drink in Fit Snack that I haven't seen anywhere else.

-MHP Protein Brownie - This was the best healthy brownie I have EVER tried. SO good and it actually tasted chocolatey! I am going to stock up on these along with the Tosi.

-IPS Protein Chips in White Cheddar - Fit Snack has sent ips chips a few times now. I really like them, so I don't mind! I was sent two bags of White Cheddar this time.

-Trophy Nut Cashews - Fit Snack has sent Trophy Nuts a few times now too. I personally am not a huge fan of cashews and I don't eat nuts too often. I gave these to a friend who enjoyed them.

Overall, I was very happy with my Fit Snack box for September. They had seven different types of products and I was sent two flavors of the Wilde Bar's and two bags of the ips chips. I even found two items that I plan on purchasing often. I am crossing my fingers that they will send more Tosi bites and MHP products next month. Thanks Fit Snack! 

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