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              • Mar.25.2014

                “Wuling” character and “figurative trademark” are awarded the well-known trademark by the State Administration of Industry and Commerce Trademark Office

              • Apr.20.2014

                SGMW unveiled two new models—Five family car Baojun 610 and Seven family car 730 in Beijing Auto show. Other displayed on the show includes Wuling Hongguang S

              • Jul.30.2014

                SGMW Seven family car Baojun 730 officially listed

              • Sep.26.2014

                Several models of SGMW won many honors in CACS. Wuling Hongguang was awarded as the first customer satisfaction in MPV segment; Baojun 630 was awarded as the first in middle-sized vehicle; Wuling Rongguang and Wuling Sunshine was awarded as the first and second customer satisfaction in mini van segment

              • Nov.21.2014

                The second phase of SGMW Baojun manufacturing base officially launched

              • Dec.14.2014

                The first phase project of SGMW Chongqing branch has been completed and put into production. The second phase project officially signed the contract

              • May.9.2013

                Wuling Hongguang branded Chevrolet, went on sale in India passenger market

              • Jun.18.2013

                SGMW Chongqing Base broke ground, helped the company to build up the manufacturing layout linkage in South, North and Midwest area and providing the solid foundation to achieve the production scale of 2,000,000 units at the end of the 12th Five-Year-Plan period

              • Aug.6.2013

                Wuling Hongguang S was launched across the country

              • Sep.13.2013

                SGMW celebrated CN100 CKD export over 20,000 units to India

              • Sep. 25.2013

                SGMW Chongqing Project Team set off

              • Nov.18.2013

                SGMW Chongqing Project Team set off

              • Nov.18.2013

                SGMW celebrated the 10,100,000th vehicle offline which marked the company enter into the million-scale automakers list

              • Feb.28.2012

                The 1,000,000th Wuling Rongguang offline in SGMW Qingdao Branch, become a new one of millions level

              • Apr.12.2012

                Baojun 630 1.5L DVVT launched nationwide, Baojun Auto hands with China equestrian team to show brand value

              • Jul.10.2012

                Wuling Rongguang branded Chevrolet to hit the Egypt passenger car market, which marks SGMW realize bulk-production outside China in form of CKD

              • Oct.17.2012

                Qingdao Branch engine capacity expansion phase II project completed and put into production

              • Nov.18.2012

                SGMW tenth joint-ventured anniversary and Baojun base with 400, 000 production capacity put into production. At the same day, New R&D center laid the cornerstone

              • Dec.18.2009

                The yearly 1,000,000th vehicle—Wuling Sunshine off-line, SGMW become the first single vehicle manufacturer break 1,000,000 units in a year

              • Apr.23.2010

                Wuling Hongguang issued in Beijing Auto Show, it opened a new era of compact commercial vehicle

              • Jul.18.2010

                SGMW formally unveiled passenger vehicle brand—Baojun 630 in Shanghai and enter into passenger car

              • Sep.2010

                SGMW India program team went abroad to India, opened overseas business of "knowledge and product output, human capital and management team output and business operation and best practice output"

              • Aug.9.2011

                Baojun 630 launched in domestic

              • Oct.27.2011

                Qingdao Branch vehicle capacity expansion phase II project completed and put into production, which laid a solid foundation for the overseas business development

              • Nov.17.2011

                SGMW signed TSA with GM Egypt, it signs SGMW realize knowledge output

              • 2006

                Wuling 1025 series of pickup listed

              • Jun.1.2006

                Wuling Xingwang launched

              • Nov.18.2006

                SGMW West plant went into operation. In Nov.19, the company signed strategic assistance agreement in independent innovation with CATARC

              • Mar.1.2007

                Wuling Hongtu equipped with B engine launched

              • Jul.2.2007

                Liuzhou power train plant formally put into operation

              • Sep.12.2007

                New generation B engine offline

              • Mar.31.2008

                Qingdao Branch with 300,000 production capacity completed and put into production

              • 2008

                Wuling Sunshine pickup launched to satisfy the need of customers

              • Apr.1.2008

                Self-developed vehicle-Wuling Rongguang equipped with high power B engine issued, which opened a new era

              • Nov.18.2008

                SGMW 50th anniversary celebration, the company hands with China's weightlifting team to celebrate

              • Sep.28, 2000

                The 600,000th Wuling vehicle offline

              • Jul.19.2001

                SAIC Wuling Motors Co.Ltd. established

              • Nov.18.2002

                SAIC GM Wuling Automobile Company Ltd. officially established. Self-developed product Wuling Sunshine offline

              • Nov.8.2003

                International quality product-Chevrolet Spark offline, SGMW formally entered into mini car segment

              • Sep.12.2004

                Wuling Yangguang launched into market to fill the blank in high-end mini van

              • Jun.2005

                SGMW Qingdao Branch formally established, it is the sign SGMW build up production base oriented to North market

              • Oct.30.1991

                Yearly sales exceed 10,000 units. The cumulative sales reached 50000 units

              • May. 8.1995

                The one hundred and

              • Dec.28.1995

                The production and sales volume both exceeded 50000 units

              • 1996

                The 1st batch of vehicle jointly developed with Daihatsu offline

              • 1998

                Production and sales volume both reached 100,000 units. The company becomes the top mini vehicle company in domestic mini vehicle industry

              • Sep.1999

                Successfully passed the third party certification of ISO9000 QS, which is the first company in domestic

              • Oct.28.1958

                Establishment of Liuzhou Power Machining Plant

              • Jan. 1966

                Establishment of Liuzhou Tractor Plant

              • Jan. 20.1982

                Success to make 1st trial mini-vehicle

              • 1985

                Establishment of Liuzhou Mini Vehicle Factory

              • Dec.11.1989

                Liuzhou Wuling Auto.Group established

              • Dec.15.1989

                First localization vehicle LZ110P offline

              • Feb.12.1990

                First 15 units of LZ110P mini vehicle exported to Thailand