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              SGMW Overview

              SGMW was established on November 18th, 2002, which is a three-shareholder joint venture with share capital from two domestic partners-SAIC Motor Corporation Limited and Liuzhou Wuling Motors Co Limited-and a foreign one, GM China.
              SGMW has three manufacturing bases: Liuzhou headquarters, Baojun Base and Qingdao Base and Chongqing Base, has started of construction on June 18, 2013 will start of production in late of 2014. The company follows General Motors Global Manufacturing System, and forms up a production layout of commercial vehicle, family vehicle, passenger vehicle and engine for small and mini vehicles.

              Through available resources from shareholders, SGMW has introduced cutting-edge business ideas and management systems while insisting on the low cost and high value to push corporate business procedures reorganization and resource integration, which helps building up a core competitive value chain. While strengthening the leading position in commercial vehicle business, creating the seven-seat family vehicle segment, pushing forward passenger vehicle business, SGMW also accelerates overseas business development. SGMW starts from India to practice the international strategy of knowledge and product output, human capital and management team output and business operation and best practice output.
              SGMW has realized the integration of excellent resources and talents of three-way shareholders, innovation of technologies and management and has stepped over the capital operation over the past 11 years. Nowadays, SGMW, the annual million-output automaker for five consecutive years, becomes the sales champion for eight straight years among the domestic single automakers. SGMW has hit the 10-millionth vehicles sales accumulatively makes her enter into the field of the ten-million scale automakers.