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              • 2015-03-18 SGMW

                Wuling Zhengcheng——a must-have weapon for logistics industry

                With the rapid development of logistics industry, many automakers ride the tide to launch relative products to meet customer demand. Last year, SGMW released practical commercial vehicle—Wuling Zhengcheng, which is beautiful and f...

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              • 2015-02-26 SGMW

                SGMW usher in a good start in new year again

                According to the Gasgoo provided data, the top three sales companies in 2014 are SGMW, FAW- Volkwagen and Shanghai Volkwagen. When SGMW retained the sales champion title, SGMW also become the first company whose sales exceeded 1.8...

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              • 2015-01-23 SGMW

                SGMW is granted “2014 best brand responsibility award”

                On Jan. 22, 2015, SGMW was granted best brand responsibility award in The Fourth China Charity Festival. The award is sponsored and involved in by over hundreds of mainstream media, and it can be called the most power award of cha...

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